“Be more concerned with your conscience than with your reputation. Because conscience is what you are and reputation is what others think you are. And what others think is their problem.”

Bob Marley

Last Thursday I had a strange dream, but dreams usually are strange, aren’t they?

I woke up in an immense field. It was dark and I could see nothing but grass. Tall and brilliant grass everywhere and it was incredibly green. Not a single star in the sky, no Moon, no sources of light, but everything was still visible. By everything I mean grass. At every side I look, all I could see was just grass. Then I caught myself wondering:

where should I go? which direction should I take? I’m alone? I’m waiting for somebody? WTF I’m doing here?

No answers. No clues. But it seems to be a good thing dream about grass.

“It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than with a bad reputation.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

2 thoughts on “Grass”

  1. O conceito de reputação deixa as pessoas loucas tentando se encontrar em um padrão que muda constantemente…Concordo que devemos tomar conta da consciência, sem ela eu n seria absolutamente ninguém! Adorei a foto!


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