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A pile of shame

A few weeks ago I ran across the term “pile of shame” and, if you are not aware of the term, the pile of shame basically is that pile of games left behind, set apart for later or simply forgotten after a brand new game arrives.

Instantly I realized that I have my own pile, mixed on console, PC and mobile games and, despite being still small comparing to the most I have seen, it’ll only get bigger as I have a few more games already ordered (waiting to be delivered), so the titles already on the list would be set aside, so I decided to tackle it now.

Except for Red Dead Redemption and Silent Hill Downpour, most of the games on my list were abandoned a bit far from the beginning of the respective campaigns. Actually, some of them are really near the completion, but are being hold thanks to obsessive-compulsive tendencies pushing me to get every meaningless achievement or incredible powerful stuff that I will never see again after finishing the game. Do I really need to achieve 100% on a game to be satisfied? I don’t think so.

Devil May Cry (PS3)
At mission 16 I started to replay some of the missions already passed to find hidden keys and doors. Then I discovered the game has 20 missions, so I’m prioritizing this as it’s the closest to be beaten. The game was really fast paced and I believe I have not played much more than 10 hours.

gta_ctwGTA: Chinatown Wars (mobile)
Despite really liking the gameplay style, that remembers me a bit of the first title of the series, I never dedicated much time to this game. The save slot shows me I’m around 40% of game completion and I finished only two missions from Hsin Jaoming, but this probably includes side missions and secret stuff that I’m surely not tracking and I don’t have the slightest idead of were I am in the storyline.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (mobile)
I stopped the main quest line to save some Credits (the game currency) and buy a bigger and better ship, then decided to equip it with the best equipment available and simply abandoned the game. To write this post I decided to play it a while to figure out how far from the end I was… and then I finished the game because I stopped playing in the LAST MISSION. After beating it, I still played a side mission to get rid of the pirate stations orbiting the planet Kaamo in the Shima solar system. With the Veteran ship it was quite easy and most of the upgrades in the Kaamo Club are worthwhile, but buying the club itself (for 50 buskat and 30,000,000.00 credits) is too much time consuming, so I’ll pass.

League of Legends (PC)
Not exactly a game to be beaten as there’s no storyline. But to be able to compete in the leagues, you need to reach level 30. I played until 29 and a HALF and then lost the interest in the game as it was sucking up my nights. Probably with a few more matches and I will get to level 30.
Mortal Kombat (PS3)
Seems strange to have a fight game like this in a pile of shame, but the game has a storyline that I want to complete. I only know I’m already ahead of the 50% of the story completion.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 (PS3)
Another game with so many items to complete that made me get lost in the main objective here: beat the 10 most wanted cars. And I quit it with only 2 cars left on the list. Picked the game and finished it in a few minutes. Now the only thing left is a giant list of pointless objectives. The main goal was achieved here.

Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
Open world games let me completely forget about the main quest and I tend to do it a lot. Now and then I still play RDR (one of the first games I bought), but I go for side missions, bounty hunts or simply a free roam with my horse, looking for people to kill. Amongst the titles in my list, this seems to be the last I’ll finish. Unless I’m already further than expected in the main quest line.

Silent Hill Downpour (PS3)
The biggest shame in this list. I opened the game box, downloaded the required updates, played it a bit and never picked it again. Blame on Diablo 3 that kept me immerse in the world of Sanctuary for months. Probably would be better to start it all over again to fully understand what I’d be doing.

StarCraft 2 (PC)
This is a special case here. I already played SC2 but I can’t remember have finished it and before playing the Heart of the Swarm expansion I decided to finish the storyline of the Wings of Liberty again. And I played it until the LAST MISSION. Yep, I did it again. I’ll dedicate a few hours on it to get the title rid of the pile.

In his writings, a wise Italian
says that the best is the enemy of the good

These are the games in my pile of shame and, small as the list is, I believe it will be done before my orders arrive.