Blogs don’t exist anymore, or at least not as they used to be 10 years ago. The Internet is not the same of 10 years ago and even I am not the same of 10 years ago (luckily).

Keep publishing ~content~ in the same “dear diary” way made much sense back then as it does today (none), which makes me avoid to write in that manner. Nowadays, instead of publishing my stuff on a single service, this blog most of the time, my digital self is scattered through a myriad of profiles and accounts on different services. There’s a profile for my music taste, one for the series I watch and another for the movies. I also like to play videogames, mostly Diablo.

Nonetheless, I insist in keeping a blog for those moments where it may come in need.

If you want to contact me using an old fashioned way like e-mail, use this contact form.

w1zardJefferson Soczek